BeatMover  Downloader for Beatport® tracks

Latest News

2008/27/01: Version 1.0.3 is out. The authentication process of Beatport has slightly changed.
BeatMover was able to display the tracks to download, but not download them.
This has been fixed in this version.

2008/20/01: Version 1.0.0 is out.


BeatMover is a downloader application for Beatport® tracks.
It aims to be a better alternative to the downloader application from Beatport®.
BeatMover has the following features:


Download beatmover.jar and put it into your music download directory. Double click the jar file and the beatport login dialog should appear:

login dialog

Log in using your beatport user and password. If you logged in successfully, the main application window should appear:

application main window

If you have tracks ready for download, they are shown as in the table above. If you have tracks to re-download, you can view them by selecting
"re-downloadable tracks" instead of "new tracks". Once you have clicked the "Download" button, BeatMover starts to download the tracks into
the current directory. At this time, the maximum number of simultaneous downloads is limited to 8. A future version may include a preferences
dialog to configure the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, the location of the download directory as well as the pattern of the output files.

System requirements

Java >= 1.5 is required to run BeatMover.
A valid Beatport account is required to log in to BeatMover.


Download the latest binary version

Download the source code


For any questions write a mail to:


BeatMover is licensed under the GNU GPL.



Although the author has taken care to provide the best quality possible, this software comes with no warranties, liabilities or whatsoever.
Use it at your own risk.

BeatMover is not affialiated with Beatport ® and therefore it is not supported by them. Should you encounter any problems, you can always
revert to the standard download methods. In the worst case, you should contact Beatport ® support to enable tracks for re-download.